I’m a 24 years old music school graduate, currently living in San Francisco. Born in Wisconsin, lived in Beijing for 9 years of my childhood, have an unhealthy obsession of taking pictures of every moment of my life and putting them online (for some kind of subconscious validation), developing an insatiable appetite for performing and being successful with music, don't have an easy time keeping emotions to myself, I believe everyone is beautiful, boys with pretty eyes an innocent faces really get me, good food is a total weakness of mine, and I cry a lot. I care too much about things but sometimes have trouble showing it. Just be sure you can handle someone else's opinions. Don't take me too seriously. xo


A Britney/Gaga duet would be a terrible idea.

I cannot imagine any musical merit that would come from something like that. The writing process would be an absolutely grotesque ordeal and, quite honestly, would be embarrassing for Britney. Not to mention Gaga would have to dumb down her own singing, writing, and creative talent to find something conducive to fit both of them. It would literally only be for the hype of it all which is something that I think (and hope) Gaga could see beyond and decide not to do.

What makes the whole “Britney Jean” era (if you want to call it that) so disappointing is that I honestly though she couldn’t get any lazier. But lo and behold, she never fails to outdo herself in that sense. The complete lack of promo, the one-dimensional interview answers, the off-color remarks about her gay fans, not to mention the extremely unmemorable songs…everything about this album era feels wrong.

Britney, please give a shit or get out.

(and the fact that she kind of sings on “Perfume” makes up for nothing. If those are the standards we are holding her to…then fuck you)

Not T, not yet shade…

lol, who am I kidding, lezbehonest.

Not T, not yet shade…

lol, who am I kidding, lezbehonest.

Apparently Britney’s new single samples “Supermodel” by RuPaul

Now, I’m all about that…

But I also expect you Britney queens to give her the same amount of flack for “pandering to the gays” as you would any other artist. Deal?


Britney is kind of a slap in the face of artists who bust their asses every day on their music to get a fraction as far. Sorry.

people who stan for britney need to re-examine their entire life. seriously. come at me. i dare you. thanks. bye.

lol @ people bringing the term “Godney” back because of the “Scream And Shout” video.

Sure, she’s looks damn good (better than she did in any video off of Femme Fatale), but that’s really pretty much it. She stood there looking, spoke in a British accent, and sang about 5 words. Y’all need to sit back down.

Anonymous asked
Who do you dislike more? Rihanna or Britney?

Oh, Rihanna easily. I think she’s got some great songs (given to her, of course) but she’s one of the most unlikable people in the pop music world (along with Nicki and Xtina) and the worst role model one could possibly be, not to mention it seems she has resorted to having her label cheat her way to the top of the charts every damn time. I’m sorry, but who the fuck gives a shit about “Diamonds”? No way would that have reached #1 without the use of payola.

Britney, while she may be a pretty useless artist, has built her name and legacy up from the bottom over the course of a decade and has always put out good tunes and kept it (relatively) classy. She’s at least a good person and her success and devotion from fans isn’t at all contrived. I dont’ respect either of them as artists, but Britney will always come out on top. She’s already an icon.

Let’s get this straight


Mariah Carey  looks better, sings better, is better than ratchet ass Nicki Minaj.

Madonna is better than Lady Gaga who  needs more time in the business to be compared to someone who has been singing for a quarter of a century.

Angelina Jolie is hotter than Jennifer Aniston.

Britney is wayyyy better than Ke$ha. 

Sia is the most underrated singer out there.  

Any questions? 

lol, yeah. i got a few.