I’m a 23 years old music school graduate, currently living in Brooklyn. Born in Wisconsin, lived in Beijing for 9 years of my childhood, have an unhealthy obsession of taking pictures of every moment of my life and putting them online (for some kind of subconscious validation), developing an insatiable appetite for performing and being successful with music, don't have an easy time keeping emotions to myself, I believe everyone is beautiful, boys with pretty eyes an innocent faces really get me, good food is a total weakness of mine, and I cry a lot. I care too much about things but sometimes have trouble showing it. As a result, I’m an asshole, but I think my blog is decent and hopefully you'll think so too. Just be sure you can handle someone else's opinions. That’s probably the best description of myself I can give. (and in case you didnt pick up on it, my blog header is sarcasm) Web Visits
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